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Testing for drugs has become very common nowadays by a lot of companies.Not only in sports but also to get jobs in some companies for specific roles, a drug test is required.Majority of companies having sensitive roles that require drug testing.

Test clear is one such company that provides various drug testing products.From past 7 years, Test clear has been providing help to people in testing various forms of drugs.They use proven methods to test drugs and not just any water or anything to pass the test.Employees are passed through routine tests to check if anyone is using any kind drugs.

A pre-employment form is filled for the same.Drivers and staff members who have direct interaction with customers are usually passed through such requirement.Typically, the testing process involves sweat, saliva, urine and hair tests.

Any traces of drugs or toxins can be analyzed by these methods.These drugs stay in the body for hours or days and their detection can be analyzed depending on the type of drug involved.

Products from Test clear

Test clear has a wide range of strong acting products that have a good record of pass percentage of clearing drug test easily for sportspersons, employees and job seekers.

Important tip for Drug Test

Any product gives an effective result only when they are used following their specified instructions properly.

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These products work well when their mentioned instructions are followed correctly.

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The various products available for this drug tests include:

Toxin rid

These products are packed in the form of liquids and tablets.

They work for a good number of days.

It is basically a detox program, which gives a more practical and balanced solution to specialized tests.

Powdered Urine Kit

It is a no-fail product, useful for testing urine drugs that are not supervised.

This kit uses powdered urine (synthetic or dehydrated urine), an advanced method introduced by scientist to transform liquid into powder form.

It is a number 1 selling solution.

Ready Clean and XXXtra Gold Drinks

To eliminate moderate or mild toxins, the Ready Clean products can be put on the hand, whereas for a high level of toxins, XXXtra Gold is said to be an ideal product.

A sufficient time period is required by these drinks to analyze and produce results.


Apart from Nexxus and Aloe Rid Shampoo, a wide range of other shampoos are offered by Test clear.

These are very much effective and helpful in removing the drug traces from hair.

Available Kits for Testing Drugs from Test clear

Drug Test can be done from your home, at your comfort zone, in a very easy manner using the Test clear’s accurate drug testing kits.

The level of toxins can be analyzed using this drug test kit, therefore a huge variety of kits are available to check drugs from opiates to methamphetamines and marijuana to cocaine.

The level of Oxycodone in your system and Ecstasy traces can also be tested with the available respective drug testing kits.

They have similar hair follicle test kits used by law enforcement.

Test clear provides 100% confidential kits to give you accurate and quick assessment of the level of toxins in your saliva, hair, urine or blood.

It doesn’t even take much longer time to give results. It’s just a matter of few minutes and the test is done.

The available Test Kits are:

    • Amphetamine Home Drug Test
    • Barbiturate Drug Testing Kit
    • Benzodiazepine Drug Test Kit
    • Methamphetamine Drug Test
    • Ecstasy Drug Testing Kit
    • Nicotine Drug Test Kit
    • Oxycodone Drug Test Kit
    • Steroid Drug Testing Kit
    • Cocaine Drug Test Kit
    • Hair Confirm Regular Hair Drug Testing Kit
    • Marijuana Drug Test Kit
    • Opiate Drug Testing Kit
    • Hair Confirm Express Hair Drug Testing Kit
    • Hair Confirm Prescription Hair Drug Testing Kit
    • K2 / Spice / Synthetic Marijuana Drug Testing Kit
    • Saliva Confirm 6-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit
    • 5-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test
    • Hair Confirm Business Hair Drug Testing Kit
  • 10-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test

How Does It Work

The principle of metabolism is the basic principle for testing any kind of drugs.

When a drug is injected into your bloodstream, it never stays in its pure original form.

Instead, it gets into your body and goes through a line of chemical bound reactions and breaks down into multiple smaller units.

When the drug test is done, the main focus of the test is on measuring the smaller unit’s level present.

For example, if we consider a weed, its main ingredient is THC, but after getting processed by the liver, it turns as THC – COOH making it measurable for a urine test.

More than THC, THC – COOH has a longer tendency to stay in your system.

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